• Built around MIDP2 specification (gameCanvas required).
  • Full Z80 emulation, unknown opcodes included :-)
  • Full spectrum screen emulation, included flash and bright properties
  • Very simple architecture and class model. MobileZX midlet class, Spectrum, Z80 and color class.


  • Testing on real devices: I just have the emulator and SDK and don't know which is the real speed. Would be nice to have a table with devices and average FPS
  • Sound support: Speccy uses a single bit to generate sound. The emulator still lacks of this feature, I think it's hard to implement.
  • Border support: Peraphs Speccy fans will blame for that, but no border support for awhile.
  • Support for others file formats such as Z80, TAP, etc.
  • A good file selector.
  • Use Z80 emulator to implement a one for MSX, Amstrad, etc, all Z80 based home computers

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